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Visions About the Future – Seeing Beyond the Door


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Throughout my life, God has visited me in waking and sleeping dreams.  Some people refer to them as visions.  I run from the word prophecy because there is no room for error in sharing something and attributing it to God.  In Bible days, such an error was corrected by stoning.  Yet the Bible is full of people who had dreams and visions that were very real and truly significant.

When I see a vision, it almost never happens immediately, but somewhere in the future.  I have had many small ones come to pass, but an equal number that have not yet happened and I would be happy if they never did.

I keep having the Bible verse go through my mind Habakkuk 2:2 – “And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”  Perhaps that is the purpose of a vision – that it be recorded and reviewed in the future so that the reader can take it seriously and know that God is still God, that He wants us to know that He still speaks and tries to warn us of coming events in our private life and in the future.

I am considering listing several of these dream/visions on this site as a record for those who may come after me that will read them and know that God speaks to ordinary men and women who listen.  The future is to us today as a closed door, locked and bound that we may not enter except one second at a time.  But if visions and dreams are from God, they go one step beyond that door to see what God wants to reveal to his child(ren).


Where would we be without them?


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I am happy during this Fourth of July week-end to give honor where honor is due.  Thank you to all of our veterans and all of our service men and women who are active.  Those of us who dwell safely at home might take for granted the freedoms we enjoy, but our military men, women, and families, know the price it costs to insure that our freedom remains.

Take a step beyond the door of reality and try to imagine our nation without the people who pledge their allegiance and serve the ideals of American freedom. What if no one enlisted?  What if no one followed orders?  What if no one fought the enemies of freedom on the battle field?  The dismal images of lawlessness, hedonism, chaos, and rule by the rich elite is staggering.  We would still be in the Dark Ages under the tyranny of those with the resources and might to take control of the rest of us.

It is a sobering thought to consider what our lives would be without the freedom others fought for and paid so dearly for the rest of us, from the first settlers to our young men and women serving today.

THANK YOU men and women of military experience.

THANK YOU police officers and first responders.

THANK YOU politicians who are ruled by truth and right rather than popularity or fear of offending a few powerful people.

THANK YOU to those who fight behind the scenes on special security assignments who are never seen, recognized, or acknowledged, but strive daily to keep our enemies at bay and keep our country safe.

THANK YOU to all who serve our nation and keep freedom alive.


Celebrating Independence Day


brosi wedding 243_edited  Our freedom was bought with a price.

Whether we are speaking of being a free citizen of the United States of America, or being free from the wages of sin, someone paid the price for our freedom.

If one person tries to silence the thoughts and convictions of another, they have instantly nullified freedom on both ends.  To ask another person to abandon their personal belief system and their moral compass because they are not popular or make one person (or group) is self defeating.  To force one person to abandon their personal convictions in order to serve the desires of another is the beginning of the end of freedom.

Let us not take lightly the price that was paid  in blood by those who loved us and our nation enough to risk and/or lay down their lives for us.  Let us never forget the sacrifice that Christ made for us that we could be free from sin.

Thank you, FATHER GOD, that we can be free because of Your great love for us and Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us.

Thank you VETERANS for loving your country and cherishing this nation’s freedoms enough to risk your lives in order to assure our freedom.