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Vision: Submarines and Quakes


IMG_5751There are times when visions come as a direction to pray.  I believe prayers changes things when people bind together.  As a nation, if we would repent and go before God in prayer, I believe it would change the course of our nation.

A few years ago the Lord showed me two things at once.  California and the western seaboard was beset by multiple small quakes.  They were not big enough to do substantial damage, but they came in clusters, one after the other. I could feel the vibrations of them going through my body.

A couple of days later, this actually came to pass.  I believe it was a wake up call for future events of perhaps one quake setting off another and another once set in motion.

At the same time, I kept seeing a nuclear submarine from another country patrolling our coastal waters, well inside of the boundaries of US waters instead of staying in international waters.  It came so close without detection that the captain considered entering the head of a large river that emptied into the ocean, but decided there may not be enough room to maneuver for a quick retreat if they were discovered.

In real time within a couple of days, a submarine was discovered inside US water.  I can’t remember the story that was told of why they were there, but I knew it wasn’t true.  I also knew that this nuclear powered submarine had been much closer to the coast than anyone could ever have imagined.

I believe it is still out there, hiding in the depth of the ocean, poised for military action at some later date.  I still get glimpses of it from time to time sitting there, waiting, and pointed at the US.  In fact, there may be more than one.  I am not sure whether what I see in glimpses is the same one each time, or different ones.

While our attention is focused on the Middle East, we have other political enemies who are taking advantage of the distraction.

I don’t know if earthquakes and submarines are connected in a deeper way than just the timeframe of when I “saw” them.  I don’t know how this could be, but at the same time, the connection did seem significant.

Practical application:  Danger is ever present for our nation.  We live in a world where nations rise against nations.  As  Christians, it is our responsibility to pray for our nation and our political leaders who wield power over us and make decisions that will impact the future of our nation and the world.

I am sometimes nudged to pray that God will reveal our enemies, and help our intelligence agencies gather vital information that will keep our nation safe.  I also pray for their safety and wisdom as they move among the international community.  I pray that every plot against us will be uncovered and everyone acting against the best interest of the USA will be exposed.


Vision: The Anaconda


During the darkest days of my life many years ago it seemed I was being attacked on all sides.  The circumstances of my life were overwhelming.  Newly divorced, back in school, working three part time jobs, and taking care of an infant son certainly had me stretched to the limit.  God was and is faithful in every situation.

I was often consumed with hurts of the past and fearful of the future.  I had many dreams about the presence of snakes surrounding or threatening my child and me.  With one vision, God put those tormenting fears to rest.

Vision:  I was surrounded by snakes of all sizes and patterns.  I was paralyzed with fear, afraid to move in any direction.  A monstrous anaconda with a head the size of a horse raised up out of the slithering mass of serpents and looked straight at me.  He towered over the other snakes.  I knew that he was coming after me.

Suddenly I grabbed that monster around the neck, even though my hands couldn’t reach around it and it was a powerful creature.  But I began to pray.  The snake was suddenly trying to get away from ME, but it was as if the creature was trapped, glued to my hands.  The more I prayed with authority, speaking the Word of truth, praising God, and praying in the Spirit, the head of that monster began to shrink.  The body remained large, but the head kept shrinking.

I would not/could not let go.  The more I prayed, I saw the terror in that serpent’s eyes trying to get away from me.  I continued to pray until the head had shrunk so small, the whole serpent was rendered powerless.

Practical application:  The enemy of our soul uses fear and intimidation to render us useless.  We become paralyzed with fear of his intentions to destroy us.  We wait for God to show up and supernaturally lift us out of our place of desperation.

Yet, if we are children of God, following after God with all of our hearts, WE have power through Jesus Christ and the ministering of the Holy Spirit to overcome our enemies and be victorious.  Jesus Christ living in us is our authority.  The Word of God living in us is our authority.  Giving praises to God has the power to put our enemies to flight.

Most of us live far below the level of power and authority imparted through the Holy Spirit.


Jesus in Our Midst


One Sunday morning not so long ago during our church service, an invitation had been given for people who needed a touch from Jesus to come forward.  The altar area and front of the church were packed.

People were pleading with God for one need or the other in their lives.  Hearts were sincere.  Tears flowed.  Hands and heads were uplifted as the gathering of prayer warriors continued.

Suddenly I was lifted up above the crowded area at the front of the church.  I could hear the prayers of people going up and beseeching God for specific answers.  I heard someone asking for Jesus to touch them.

Then, there He was!  Jesus was walking in the midst of them.  He made His way through the crowd, weaving in and out among the people and they never even knew He was there.  The people were packed so closely together that He was squeezing through the crowd, touching all on both sides as he passed.  Some felt His person squeezing past them and even moved aside a bit so he could pass, without opening their eyes. Their prayers continued asking Jesus to touch them, but they were totally unaware that HE had just passed through their midst.  They were totally unaware that He had made a point of contact with each as He pressed through and among the crowd.

Practical application:  Jesus is always closer to us than what we may think.  At times we get so consumed praying about the problem that we don’t realize that HE is the answer and He is right there with us ready to touch, ready to answer our heart’s cries.  This vision gave me a whole new perspective of the Bible verse that says if two or more are gathered together, He will be in the midst of them.




Vision: Exoskeletons



During a church service the congregation was standing during praise and worship.  I couldn’t help notice how nicely everyone was dressed.  Many of the women had on lovely long skirts that were new this spring season.  My mind was wandering to where they had found them and certainly not in our small town.

Suddenly I saw every single person in the church both male and female, young and old  with large black beetle bodies over their clothes.  Everywhere I looked, people were clothed in black beetle exoskeletons.

The vision only lasted a few seconds.

Practical application:  What we wear covers us, but God sees the heart.  We all walk around in our artificial coverings of one thing or the other, afraid for people to see the person who lives beneath the clothes and the external trappings.  Our attempt to protect ourselves through our outward appearance has become our exoskeleton.  God is not impressed with our outward shells.  He searches and knows the heart of man.



Vision: The Day I Heard Jesus Roar



All of my life I have had conversations with God, from the time I was a very small child, as if He was my friend.  There have been many times that He has spoken to my heart, comforted me, guided me, and made His presence very known to me.  Then there is a hand full of times that I have heard him speak to me so clearly, it was as if He was standing right beside of me.  I still remember each one of those rare incidents.  Each one came unexpectedly at some important time in my life.

Recently in a church service, we were singing during the praise and worship portion of our regular Sunday morning gathering.  I don’t even remember the song because what happened was so shocking.  In the middle of the song, I heard Jesus R-O-A-R.

He was not the little baby.  He was not in a manger surrounded by the breathing of stable animals.  He was not the little boy in the temple, nor was He the suffering Savior.  I heard Him – the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Lion of Judah – R-O-A-R.

Most of Christianity believes that Christ will return to Earth one day.  When He does, there is not going to be anything meek or mild about Him.  He will still be the essence of love, but He will be wrapped in righteousness and POWER.  He will come with His divine, kingly authority.

The Bible says that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  I only begin to see the majesty that will surround Him – KING JESUS.

I wish I could reproduce that experience for all the world to hear and know what it sounded like.  I wasn’t frightened because I already know Him.  I know His voice.  But let me tell you, if you didn’t know Him and you heard the Lion of Judah roar in all of his power, might, glory, and authority, it would scare your socks off!

I’m telling you, there was nothing meek and lowly in the roar that I heard.  I wonder if C.S. Lewis had a similar revelation of Christ as the Lion when he wrote the Chronicles of Narnia.

I am absolutely sure that what God reveals to one person, He will reveal to many.  I am not so privileged as to be the only one to have ever experience Jesus in this way, I’m certain.   I can’t even explain why I would get to experience something supernatural when it was obvious that others around me were still singing and apparently didn’t hear anything at all.

My view of Baby Jesus will never be quite the same.  While it is good for us to remember Him wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger, let us not end our understanding in the stable.  Jesus Christ, Son of God, Emanuel, Holy One, Redeemer, Savior, Friend, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, Lamb of God, the Way, the Truth, the Life… there is a long list of the names attributed to Christ in the Bible.  Each one reveals a part of His nature, but they are only part.

May we all remember that the Son of God who entered this world as a baby born in the flesh, will return one day as the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah.


Dream: The Phony Cobra


At a time in my life when I was going through a very difficult time, the person tormenting me kept making threats against me.  I was very fearful of those words.  My thoughts were consumed with negative outcomes.

I took my fears to God.  I knew that if He didn’t help me, all would be lost.  Yet, he seemed silent.

One night I dreamed of coming face to face with a giant cobra.  I am terrified of snakes.  It raised up looking almost eyeball to eyeball with me, spread its hood, and was flicking its tongue and making hissing noises.  I was paralyzed with fear in the dream.  I didn’t stand a chance against that deadly creature.

2009_0607WB2Wedding0020   Suddenly my hand shot out and I rubbed the pattern on top of the cobra’s head.  The colors came off on my fingertips.  The cobra markings had been drawn on with chalk.  The hissing, threatening serpent was not what it appeared to be.  When it realized I had discovered the truth, it slithered away.  When I awoke, I had a great sense of victory over the situation.  I knew things were not as they had appeared and that I must not listen to the hissing, threats, and lies that were meant to deceive me.

Practical application:  What appear to be impossible situations in our lives are only made worse when we give in to fear and listen to the lies of the enemy of our souls.  Instead of dwelling on the problem, we need to have faith in the One who delivers His children from evil.


Vision: Muddy River


hensley settlement 196One of my friends’ life was in deep turmoil.  She was in such an abusive relationship that she needed to get out for her own safety.  She prayed, cried, and was desperate for help.  She was in a place where she was so unsure of herself, she wanted someone to tell her what to do.

In a vision, I saw her standing in a small stream that barely got her feet wet, but the water was very muddy, the color of dark coffee.  As the vision unfolded, she just stood there, begging for help as if her feet were nailed to the spot.  Slowly the water was rising, up to her shins, her calves, her knees.

As if glued to the spot, she was pulling her hair and pleading, “Someone, help me PLEASE.  Somebody tell me what to do!”

No voice came, and I was not allowed to speak, but the answer was so obvious.  All she had to do was walk out of that dark muddy water that continued to rise before it took her under.

I’m happy to report that she is out of that situation, blessed, and prospering as she pursues God’s direction for her life.

Practical application:  We often find ourselves in complicated situations or relationships that are hard to end.  We want someone else to fix it for us, or want God to step in and force an abusive person to change their ways.  The truth is, the choice remains to the person in the relationship.  Sometimes it is as simple as choosing to walk away.