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Back to Ireland (Celtic Journey Day 25) October 14, 2014


IMG_2538 (3) IMG_2551 IMG_2562 IMG_2655

Today we headed south of Dublin for the day.  We had breakfast in Bray, went to Glendalough Monastic Settlement, drove through Wicklow Gap, on to Powers Court, and then had a farewell dinner in Dublin.

IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1116 IMG_2771

We packed more into this day than I would have thought possible.  It also proved to be one of the most significant days of the trip for me because of finally seeing in reality the stone tower I saw in a vision over 30 years ago.

(I choose not to share this whole story again in this blog because I’ve written about it and have a story pending publication regarding the incident.)

My trust is in the Lord who NEVER fails.  NEVER.

Wicklow Gap was beautiful.

We also went to Ireland’s tallest waterfall – Abram Fall?  Powerscourt Waterfalls?  Not sure.  It was gorgeous.  IMG_2891 IMG_2909 IMG_2926

We are packed up and leaving at 7:00 a.m. in a cab for the airport.

Thank you, Father, for each day of this journey  Thank you for the people who shared it together.  Thank you for Coty.

Thank you, Lord, that your timing is perfect and your plans beyond our understanding.  Your love and goodness toward me are overwhelming.

I love you, Lord.  I thank you for Your plans for my life.  Help me to be the woman you would have me become… in Jesus’ name.



Wales: Day 4 (Celtic Journey Day 25) – October 13, 2014


IMG_1705   IMG_1718

IMG_0755I was sad to leave Wales, just as I was sad to leave Scotland.  We took the ferry back to Ireland.  We are in Dublin now.  It is an important city, but I prefer the country and the smaller towns and villages.

The ferry ride was not smooth at all, very much different than our crossing over.  It was a smaller, older, less luxurious ferry.  Still, we make it safely across the miles of the Irish Sea.

IMG_2338We saw the book of Kells at Trinity College.  The library was incredible.  Seeing a book that old and still in tact was truly a thing to behold.

Then we went walking in downtown Dublin on its most famous street.  I don’t even remember the name.  I bought a door knocker (a Celtic cross) and finally found a hat small enough for Alex.

Sandy and I bought sterling silver earrings from a street vendor.  he design came from the book of Kells and the symbols stand for “resurrection.”

Dublin is like any other big city.  Not my cup of tea.  Too expensive.  Too many people.


IMG_2373Tomorrow is our last day.  As much as I want to see everyone and talk to everyone at home, I am sad this journey is over.  At the same time, I am so thankful for this incredible adventure.  It would take volumes to tell all that we have seen and done.

Coty did a great job in the plans, preparations, reservations, and balancing of this trip.  I can’t imagine anyone doing it any better.  I wish we would have had more praise and worship, and more corporate prayer time together.  I believe God was in the arrangements from start to finish.


Wales: Day 3 (Celtic Journey Day 24) – October 12, 2014


We drove through the southern half of Snowdonia National Park.  I feel like I’ve used the word amazing way too often, but there just aren’t words to describe all of the incredible, gorgeous, spectacular, awesome, mind-boggling places we’ve seen.


Snowdonia National par is rocky and barren compared to our mountains in Southeastern Kentucky.  There is green stuff growing, but it is flat, not bushy or big trees.  I suppose the covering is of grasses, mosses, heather, and a combination of wild plants.

We went to Penrhyn Castle and it was perfect – just as you’d expect a real castle to be.  IMG_1742Magnificent.  The plaster was made with cow hair mixed in to hold it together.  Let me tell you – it took a lot of cow hair to plaster all those walls!  The oldest part was built in 1438 and additions made in the 1780s.  It was an example of a true medieval castle.  We got to go through the most of it and did the roof top tour.  It was donated to the National Lands Trust in 1951 by the late Lords neice because she couldn’t keep up the 700,000 acres and pay the death taxes on the estate.  She kept about 100,000 acres for her family, sold some, and donated the rest.

IMG_1771 IMG_1768 IMG_1757

In this case, photos will definitely be better than words.  IMG_2198 IMG_2112 IMG_2111 IMG_2110

IMG_1869 IMG_1783 (2) IMG_2091 IMG_1930   IMG_1929 IMG_1925  IMG_1945

We stopped at Aber Falls on the way back.  It was spectacularly beautiful.  What hasn’t been beautiful out of everything we’ve seen?  Absolutely nothing.

IMG_2229  IMG_2250  IMG_2230

Father, thank you for this incredible journey.  I’s hard to believe it’s almost over – but time and money are running out and I know You have other plans for each one of us.  It’s time to get back to our lives, but maybe we will not go back to the routine we were in before.

Be glorified in each of us.  Let us be more Christ-cdntered, more in love with You, and more in tune with the Holy Spirit than ever before.

Bless this land of Wales.  Send your Spirit and revival to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.  The world comes to them.  Let your fire fall in the Celtic lands and spread out from here to all who live in these lands and all who come seeking something here.  In Jesus’ name I ask that you release from Heaven revival Fires in all of the Celtic nations.

Thank you, Lord, for sending me and giving me opportunity to pray each day along the way over the land and the people while on their soil.

I love you, Lord!

It has come to mind that we have stood in the halls of the great kings – the High Kings in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.


Surely this is no accident.  Teach us what we need to know.  Impart to us what we have need of.  Teach us your ways.

We have prayed and worshipped across the lands.  Can our prayers and our presence have made a difference?

Can our being here have made a difference in the big picture of each nation’s future?

IMG_1602 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 (2) IMG_1725

I love You, Lord.  I thank you for this amazing blessing in my life.  Thank you a thousand times for all I’ve seen and heard, the people I’ve traveled with, the people we’ve met, and for letting me see the beauty of your Creation.

I feel like You and I have walked together in Your garden and it has pleased you that I am so pleased and overwhelmed with the beauty of Your creation.  It feels like you have delighted in me as I have delighted in the sights and experiences that have been before me.  I feel Your love for me, as an individual, in a greater way than I have ever known.  Thank you for sharing Your world with me.  I never want to lose the sense of closeness, of friendship, and fellowship that we have had together on this trip.

How could You love me so?  How is it that you even know my name?  Like David, my heart cries out, “Who is man that you are mindful of him?”

And who am I that You would be mindful of me?

I am overwhelmed in your presence.  I love You, Lord.



Wales: Day 2 (Celtic Journey Day 23) October 11, 2014


Coty’s surprise was a drive through Snowdonia National Park and a train ride straight up Snowden mountain to the highest point in Wales.

We stopped in Caernarfon (city) and St. Beuno’s Church.  We also made a city stop in Porthmadog and dinner in Blaenau Ffestiniog

IMG_1153   IMG_1154

IMG_1155The train ride was spectacular.  The beauty of God’s creation is overwhelming.  His beauty in every land is phenomenal.

I am truly overwhelmed by the beauty of God.

We visited more churches, sang more songs, worshipped in ancient places – and all of it was good.

IMG_1151   IMG_1191 (2)   IMG_1187

Wales is amazing.  We are staying in a house that is older than the U.S.A. – Leona pointed out.  There’s something to think about!  And we can see the castle on the hild from the lawn.

There are castles galore in Wales – just like in Ireland, and Scotland.  We’ve seen many.  We’ve passed signs to twice or three times as many castles as we’ve actually already seen.

IMG_1390   IMG_1351 IMG_1341

Today we stopped in a city, Caernarfon where the town was built up around a HUGE castle.  It was crazy.  Famers Market in the street outside the castle.  City streets in the center of town were originally the streets and roads leading to the castle in ancient times..  The patterns of the rocks are really cool.  Some are standing on their side and look like dragon scales.  Some are flat.  Some are rectangular. and there are patterns in the way the rocks are laying. There are ditches built into the roads in indentations to carry rain or waste away from the caIMG_1313stle.


Pendragon symbol is everywhere in Wales.  Welch is the common language, but also English.  Signs are posted in both languages.  Street names, store signs, and road signs.  Bathroom signs are a crack up.  Bathrooms are really different.  Showers are outrageous.  Often you have to pull a string to get the water to come on.

Each plug in must be turned on and off with a switch.  Washing machines can either just wash or wash and dry.  People still hang clothes out on the line to dry or on a drying rack inside.

Lord, Thank you for Wales, for this part of this journey.  I hear echoes of the past – prayers, revival, passion all through the land.  It feels like the land has been long asleep.  Please awaken this land in Jesus’s name.

I love you, Father.  I love you, Jesus.  I love you, Holy Spirit.





Wales: Day 1 (Celtic Journey, day 22) October 10, 2014


Today’s adventures will include Bodelwyddan Castle & cathedral; lunch at Old Stag Pub, check in at the Drynogydd Cottage, and a stop in the city of Blaneau Ffestiniog

Yes, we are in Wales.  I can’t spell anything correctly.

We passed from England to Wales without really seeing enough of the country to form an opinion.  I don’t really like cities and Manchester was like a typical large US city.  Leaving England by way of Expressway, we really did not get to see any countryside.  The land did start to get a little hilly again.  Once again I noted that England had a different feel.

IMG_1607 (2) IMG_1705 IMG_1707Wales quickly changed landscapes to hills, mountains, and hills again.  there are some stone fences, hedge rows, and NARROW ROADS.

We had lunch at the Old Stag Pub and looked around the town a bit, and went in an old church.  We saw what is believed to be the oldest living tree in Wales and one of the oldest in the world at over 4,000 years old.  It is a yew tree.IMG_1606 IMG_0832 IMG_0631

Sandy was sick all day, but doing better this evening.  Brenda rescued her with some essential oil therapy.

We went back to town for groceries after we checked in at the cottage.  Drynogydd.

IMG_0977 IMG_0881 IMG_0866 A Methodist minister, John Jones and his family lived here and the great room was used as a meeting place for church.  The family has lived here since the 1600s.  The nearby castle has been here since the 1200s – now totally abandoned and in ruins.  IMG_0860Castle Drynogydd.  We could walk to it from here and can see it sitting up on a hill from some spots in the yard.

This is the most amazing place we’ve stayed – still owned by family descendants.  Vast fields, a whitewater brook, stone fences, stone house, slate shingles, kitchen floor, and walkways through the flower garden.

We stopped in a town and had 45 minutes to look around.  I got a postcard qual Llanrwst.


Blaneau Ffstiog – was where we went for groceries.  There was a slate quarry, slate rocks all around, and no trees.

We had a coal fire in a small stove here in th great room.  I can hear it sizzling and popping just like Granddaddy Hensley’s used to do.  Peat fires in Ireland do not sizzle,  pop, or smoke.

There is a date on a wooden mantle piece that says 1735.  The rest are sitting around on phones and other techie stuff while I am writing.

I never expected to love Wales this much.  It also feels a lot like home.  I saw a little man that could have been Ballard (our janitor at Wallins).IMG_1019  IMG_1653 (3) IMG_0630

Some parts look like Virginia, some like the Smokies, some like Scotland, and some like Ireland.

We have a surprise in the morning and Coty is excited.  That makes it even more of a mystery.  Coty says we are leaving by 7:40.  He won’t even give us a hint.  Coty is a very fine young man.

Lord, as the days are coming to an end soon, I am still loving every day, still enjoying the people, and still so thankful for our journey.  Please let Your will be done and Your purpose established in each one of us.  Let us be forever changed more and more into the image of Christ.

Let the joy we’ve had here remain with us.  Put the words in me to write about when I get home.  Please keep our families safe and watch over us through our passage home.

Thank you, Lord.  I love you!  🙂



Scotland: Day 9 (Celtic Journey Day 21) October 9, 2014


Today we leave Scotland and arrive in England for an overnight at the Premiere Inn in  DSCN5708 DSCN5711 IMG_9589 IMG_9590Manchester, England where we will watch Riverdance live.

It was a LONG drive to England, but I love the view from the car.  I am not impressed with Manchester.  A city is a city is a city.  I’ve seen plenty enough like this in the US.  IMG_7463 IMG_1600

Riverdance was awesome live.  It was a beautiful, moving show and the singers, dancers, and musicians were excellent.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.

We leave for Wales tomorrow.  Coty says we have a surprise…. another surprise, that is.  I keep hoping we might get to spend the night in a castle.  He said that isn’t it, but his surprises are always the best.

England does not feel like Scotland or Ireland.  Everyone has been very nice in each country.  It just doesn’t feel the same.

Father, Thank you for this trip.  Thank you for the remaining days.  Help us get the most out of the time left.  Your will be done in all.

I thank you, Lord.  🙂  Thank you for loving me.



Scotland – Day 8 (Celtic Journey Day 20) – October 8, 2015


Today was our “abbey” day.  They were all incredible, but I fear I cannot keep the photos straight because of the similarities.  I’ve had some camera issues and SD card issues, so switched out SD cards and not sure I have them labeled correctly

DSCN6664   DSCN6719

DSCN6672Dryburgh Abbey had many arches.  Truly beautiful. The stonework is a testament to the skills of the builders, the architects, and engineers of those ancient times.





DSCN6680 straightened 1Jedburgh Abbey

Melrose Abbey was downtown in a village.  IMG_0240This is where we met a real Lord in a shop being run by an Englishman.  Someone had been rude to the old gentleman Lord and hurt his feelings before we got there.  We asked to have our pictures taken with him and he was a very good sport about it.  We hope we undid some of the hurt.

There was a shop and flower garden.  A lovely Scottish lady showed us the art of flower drying.  One method was upside down and air drying.  The other was sand drying.

IMG_0167The whole flower is slowly and carefully covered completely beneath sand…. one little brush or pour of sand at a time, until all the flower is covered.  It takes between 6 – 10 days to sand dry and 6 days – 6 weeks to air dry upside down.

We went into the garden and I wished for a butterfly in Scotland.  One came and landed on a flower as if it responded to my wish.  How amazing that EVERYTHING I’ve wished for in Scotland has happened.  We haven’t seen a red deer, but maybe we will.


IMG_0103 IMG_0109

IMG_0119Smallholm Tower – The land looked like Grandpa Hamlin & Harvey Wilson’s farm.  It was just a tower still standing with stone walls already fallen, sitting on a hill.

Tomorrow we go to Manchester, England to watch Riverdance.  This is our last day in Scotland.  🙁  I love the signs that say, “Haste ye back.”

Father, thank you for all we’ve seen, heard, done, tasted, felt, spoke.  I have loved every minute.  EVERY minute.  Thank you for the lovely gift.  Thank You for this time away from regular time.. a stay outside of time.  Please take us safely on and home at the end of our journey.  Teach us what you’ve have us to know.  Your will be done.  Your Kingdom come on earth in us, even as it is Your will for us in heaven.

Bless this land, these people.  Stir Your Spirit within them.  All of the promises, all of the prophecies, all of the plans you have for Scotland, please bring them to pass.  I speak by faith release of your plans in this land.  I speak victory.  I speak blessings over Scotland in Jesus’ name.  Release your an gels to carry out Your will.  Release Your Spirit to call  people to yourself IMG_9631and to move those into position who will hear your voce and act accordingly.

Thank you, Father, for allowing me to be here in this place, in this hour, at this time in history.

I love you, Lord, with all my heart.  🙂




Scotland – Day 7 (Celtic Journey day 18) – October 7, 2014


IMG_9601 IMG_9579    IMG_6990Today we will leave the Clan Cottages for Edinburgh where we will visit the castle and have lunch before going on to our next lodging – Bairn Kine Cottages – Jedburgh.

Father, You’ve watched over us, blessed us, kept us safe.  Even our changes in plan have brought good things.  Please give Your angels charge over us and keep us as we go safely in Your hands.  Direct our paths…

IMG_6353   DSCN5660

Over Scotland I pray for a renewal in the land, an awakening, and a Spirit of Revival.  Please awaken these people and remind them of their spiritual heritage.  Send someone who understands the culture, the people, and the land, who will be accepted by the people to bring Your word.  Call someone just as you called Reinhardt Bonnkhe (?) to Africa.  raise up a voice, man or woman, with a deep love for Scotland, a passion for the place – to bring Your word, to bring healing and deliverance – in Jesus’ name.

DSCN5659Where ever our footsteps fall, let the anointing fall also.  This land has such a tremendous history and spiritual heritage.  Call these people , this generation , unto Yourself.  I bless this land in the name of Jesus.

And for Ireland – such a beautiful land, so different fro Scotland – I ask You to stir up the voices of prayer warriors and prophets, the voices of many waters to stir the people out of indifference, to stir them to Your Kingdom’s call.  I bless that land in the name of Jesus and claim the inhabitants for your Kingdom.

If our prayers make a difference, if our prayers are a key, then I release Your good and perfect will over these lands in the name of Jesus.

Let all who are your children rejoice in You and spread joy and Holy Ghost fires in these lands.

  • * * IMG_9560 (2)
We Left our cottage and drove to Edinburgh.
We met Brenda’s friend, Jacqueline for lunch.  She had an awesome word from the Lord for Scotland.  I had my tape recorder handy.  Hope it picked up her voice in the crowded restaurant.
  IMG_9789We visited Edinburgh Castle.  It sits atop a hill overlooking the city.  We saw the crown jewels, crown, sword, scepter, and the STONE OF DESTINY.  I am not sure if any of them are authentic or only replicas, but those working in the castle assured us that they were the real thing.  That room was heavily guarded.
I loved the castle in the sky tower windows, with their seats placed in nooks, and to be discreetly closed behind curtains for private conversations. IMG_9818
We drove to Jedburgh and moved into the new cottage – The “Owl” Cottage.
We ate in Jedburgh with a glimpse of the Abbey we will see tomorrow.
Meeting Jacqueline helped put this whole trip in perspective – that God has been calling for decades to pray for Scotland and the gathering of people from around the world to come, to pray, to intercede for Scotland.  She says that because the revival, release of God’s power in this land will catch fire around the world!  So may it be.
Brenda shared a vision of old bred/new bread.  The baker was calling for people to come and teach them how to make new bread, but many preferred to eat the old and moldy instead of the fresh bread, even though it was full of maggots.
Promises for Scotland – Jacqueline’s vision – Gold nuggets are hidden in the ground – vibrating, shaking, and ready to break forth.  the gifts of God placed within us are the same.  He is calling them forth our of us, no longer buried within us – but brought forth in this day and this Hour for his purposes.
Essential oils – Lavender & Peppermint – maybe added with wintergreen for joint pain.
Frankincense & oregano for dissolving nodules.

Scotland, Day 6 – (Celtic Journey Day 17) – October 6, 2014


Our days are so packed with wonders and joys that I don’t have time to write all of my thoughts, prayers, and heart cries from this journey.  AND, the people are important, too.  I don’t want to spend my time stuck in a corner writing when I can be getting to know these wonderful people.  So, my entries are shorter, but my days are fuller.

IMG_9119 IMG_9124 (2)

We were supposed to go on a ship to the isles.  I especially wanted to go to Iona where St. Columba was and miracles happened.  But the water is too rough and the boat has been canceled due to rough seas.  IMG_9168I am a little disappointed for the first time on this journey, but we certainly cannot control the weather and are very thankful we didn’t get caught out in a storm.  I am still trusting that God is directing our path.

IMG_9172 IMG_9169

Coty made alternate plans for us to visit an aquarium and sea wildlife sanctuary.  I loved the seals and otters.  I could live without the enclosures and stinky fish smells.  It was all good.

I went for a long walk down the road past the Clan Cottages when we got back.  The road was flooded, so I couldn’t go far, but the view was spectacular.  I will miss this place.

IMG_9560 (2) IMG_8847 IMG_9544 IMG_9555 IMG_9563



Scotland, Day 5 (Day 16 of our Celtic Journey) – October 5, 2014


We are spending a relaxing day at the cottage this Sunday with devotions, walks in the pastures, etc.  We are going into Oban. IMG_9442 (2)

Father, Thank you for another day in Scotland and for the plans You have for us.  Please keep us safe, every step, every mile.  Let your guardian angels have charge over us.  Be with our loved ones at home.  Please keep mom, dad, Mark, Jeremy, Emily, Alexander, and Maren safe.  Help the move to go smoothly and let IMG_8777them be happy in the new home.  Please be with Jeremy today and every day.  He is YOUR child, dedicated to you from a baby upwards.  Please keep him safe. Love on him.  Help him to be the man you want him to be.


IMG_8815Today was the first really bad weather day we’ve had.  Brenda and I went for a walk early this morning in the sheep pastures.




IMG_8871 (2)THEN we saw SWANS on the Loch Neil behind the cottages.  I climbed a fence and one let me stroke it’s feathers, but another one didn’t like me doing that and hissed at me.  I got tons of photos of the swans, but none of me with them.


We went to Oban to McCaig’s Tower and tried Oban chocolate.

IMG_8947 IMG_8986 (2) DSCN6465

We came home to watch Braveheart.  Imagine!  We are at the foot of the mountains in the Scottish Highlands, beside a Loch, in a stone cottage with a thatched roof, rain drizzling, fog rising – and we are watching Braveheart!  PERFECT.

I almost forgot – We went to St. Andrews Episcopal Church, sang, took photos.  Amazing – as is everything. IMG_9010

Out to eat, and back to the cottage for the movie.  I could stay forever in this gorgeous place… if I only had my loved ones with me!