When Tomorrow is Uncertain


I chose this image of a beautiful butterfly because it is obvious the poor little thing has seen some stormy weather or difficult times.  Yet, it is still a butterfly, doing what butterflies do.  The storms it has encountered may have frayed its wings, but it flies on.

As we age, the storms of life assail us, but we weather them and press on.

My dad recently had colon cancer surgery.  Sore, frightened, and discouraged from the process, he has not failed to reach out to people around him and share the love of God with everyone who will give him a few minutes and listen.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds for him or for our family, but we will continue to fly on these old wings and weather the storms around us until God calls us home and replaces all things old with new.

Philippians 3:14 (KJV)

14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.


About judith99kyhighlands

I've been writing since I was a child. My first newspaper column appeared in the Chicago Heights Star in King Arthur's Court when I was a third grader at Garfield Elementary in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Having been an early reader and seeing how much my mother loved books, the power of the printed word took me captive. Around that time I was also given my first camera by a cousin serving in the military. From that moment on, writing and photography became two great influences in my life. I wrote for every contest that came along at school and by fifth grade, my best friend, Diane, and I wrote a play that was performed before the entire student body of Eastview Elementary. By high school the two of us had become ambitious enough to write a full length movie script and sent it to Walt Disney. Of course we never heard anything back, but we remained hopeful for an unreasonable amount of time. School newspapers, anthologies, and pen pals kept me writing until I went away to college. I never stopped writing, but it certainly took a back shelf until I got involved with my students during my teaching career. As a result of student initiated projects that I was glad to facilitate, we produced six magazine type publications over the years then graduated to the standard book format, collecting stories from students, friends, family, and community to document our local history, culture, and folklore. I consider these student works to be among the brightest achievements in my teaching career. What better could I ever hope to pass on to my students than the love of reading, writing, and seeing their work in print? In the meantime I continue to photograph a variety of things, do freelance writing, and have written a weekly column for the Harlan Daily Enterprise for about twenty years. Writing and photography are both expressions of my faith and I believe that these two things are part of the person God created in me.