About the Site

One Step Beyond the Door:  The Place Where Possibilities Begin

Every adventure in life begins with a single step.  There are times when we have no idea where our path will lead.  By faith we take the first step beyond the door and a new phase of life open up before us, full of possibilities.

The Bible promises, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

It is my hope through the development of this website to encourage others to take that first step of faith in a new direction.  Life is a journey through many doors.  Fear drives people to build walls around themselves and lock all the doors securely in order to keep others out.  Those same walls and locks that are meant to keIMG_6129 (2)ep others away also bind the one on the inside as surely as a prison cell.

Walk with me through this door and I will gladly share what I hope will encourage you along your own personal journey.