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Where are the Fall Colors?


Where are the colors for Autumn 2018?  I had to borrow last year’s photos for this post. I never remember an autumn in Appalachia where there was still no color evident by today’s date – October 17.

I’m a leaf watcher.  Every year I can hardly wait until the trees pop with color and the mountains look like a giant bowl of Trix cereal. I grab my camera and go to the woods, or for a drive in the car. Sometimes the colors are so brilliant, they almost hurt the eyes with beauty.

Perhaps all the colors will burst forth at the same time.  We’ve had a soggy spring, summer, and fall.  Cold nights and sunny days are said to be the perfect combination for inspiring the colors to come forward.

Like many others, I’m watching daily in hopes that falls delay will not mean that it is also colorless.


Warrior Women Photo Gallery


I am currently accepting submissions for the fourth book in the Warrior Women Series.  Warrior Women, Victory on the Battlefront of the Mind.  The projected deadline is May 31, 2018.  If interested, please contact me on my Facebook page – Judith Victoria Hensley, Author.

The original book is Mother: Warrior.  The second book in the series is Warrior Women, The Power of Prayer.  The third book in the series is Warrior Women, Healing the Brokenhearted.  As a  part of this book series, I have also photographed friends, relatives, and women from my church of all ages and all walks of life.  I would like to share some of those photographs.  As Christians, there is a warrior woman in each one of us.  The photographs tell a story of their own.


Bibliography in Book Covers


The following book covers include books I currently have in print and available on and Kindle. The first section includes Christian faith based books.




















I have written one Christian Romance novel:  In the Circle of His Arms.







The next section includes books appropriate for middle school, junior high, and high school.





















The next section includes book of Appalachian folklore, culture, and interest.    






























The following books include short stories I have written as part of their project collection:




























The following books resulted from student projects at Wallins Elementary School and Junior High in Harlan County, Kentucky in the 30 years of my teaching career. The students are also featured in a book called Hope and Heroes by international photographer Barry Shainbaum, and illustrated the book Odette, Goose of Toulouse by the late, beloved Earl Hamner, Jr. (creator of the Waltons).       Their work was also highlighted by Steve Flairty in his Kentucky Heroes book series.

















Amazing Doors!


DSC_2143 IMG_1351Amazing doors are all around us!  As a photographer, I seem to go through “spells” of being interested in one thing or the other.  Fall foliage, spring blossoms, mountain vistas, wildlife… all of these are beautiful to me.  Barns, butterflies, bumble bees, abandoned houses… all of these are beautiful through the lens.  Only when I traveled to Celtic lands did I really begin to fall in love with doors.  In those far off ancient places, it was easy to imagine who might have passed through those portals.

Back in the states, I began to look at doors differently.  During a recent trip to Cincinnati, I was surprised by the variety of doors on old buildings downtown.  Can you tell which one of the three is from a Celtic castle and which were in Cincinnati?DSC_2098


The Bear That Broke My Nose


IMG_2042  I’ll do almost anything for a good photo.

However, that doesn’t include broken bones.  on this particular excursion, trying to get the shot cost me a broken nose.  Riding in the back seat of an ATV with a large metal roll over bar across the back of the front seat without a seatbelt was an invitation for disaster.

I was leaned down trying to focus up the hill on the opposite side of the ATV when the driver hit an unexpected bump.  My nose smacked the bar and I heard it crunch like someone crunching crackers in their hands.  Gruesome noise followed by blood.  Needless to say, my interest in the bear vanished.  But blood and all, I managed to get one shot which wasn’t anywhere near great.

The Bible says ‘in everything give thanks,” and “all things work together for our good.”  I have to say I pondered that closely when I got home.  What was there to be thankful for?  I was thankful it wasn’t a broken leg or something far worse than a cracked nose.  How was it a good thing?  I learned a lesson about wearing the seat belt I thought I didn’t need, AND I can now breathe clearly out of both nostrils, my olfactory senses seems to be enhanced, and I had an opportunity to PRAISE GOD even when things weren’t exactly going my way.  I have an adventure story to tell in the future that will be much funnier the further I get away from the pain.

In God’s hands, it’s all good.



Wildflowers and Wild Horses


IMG_8583 (3)  IMG_8822

I went for a drive yesterday in another part of the county where I live.  It was a glorious day for a drive.  I had no idea what awaited except a drive with friends and an adventure into the world beyond my front door.

IMG_8607 (2)  IMG_8595 (2)

All along our driving path, the woodlands were bursting with spring wildflowers.  We decided to head across one mountain to Begley Wildlife Management area and were rewarded for our efforts when we located a herd of wild horses.

IMG_8774  IMG_8785

We took hundreds of photos, had a picnic on top of the mountain, watched the horses, and watched the sun slide down the sky.  It was a great evening, enjoying the beauty of God’s handiwork and the glories of the wilderness.  None of it would have happened if we had not been willing to leave our chores, jobs, and daily demands behind for a few hours and take the first step beyond the door of our ordinary day.

IMG_8475  IMG_8519 (2)  IMG_8657

IMG_8707  IMG_8767


A Wild Profusion of Blossoms – April 21, 2015


DSCN8026 IMG_8355  IMG_6265

Welcome Wildflowers!  The Highlands of Kentucky are rich with natural geographic beauty, but in the spring, the profusion of wild blossoms popping up unattended and unseen is truly a delight.  It seems this year especially that everything has chosen to bloom all at once.

DSCN8034 (2)  IMG_6160

I took my camera and drove across the mountain yesterday to Pine Mountain Settlement School.  I was chasing sunshine and dodging storm clouds, but the trip was definitely worth it.  The variety of wildflowers and flowering trees that were out amazed me.

IMG_8229  IMG_8126  DSCN8010

Our ordinary worlds are filled with unexpected beauty.  We only need to take the time and make the effort to look for it.