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Where are the Fall Colors?


Where are the colors for Autumn 2018?  I had to borrow last year’s photos for this post. I never remember an autumn in Appalachia where there was still no color evident by today’s date – October 17.

I’m a leaf watcher.  Every year I can hardly wait until the trees pop with color and the mountains look like a giant bowl of Trix cereal. I grab my camera and go to the woods, or for a drive in the car. Sometimes the colors are so brilliant, they almost hurt the eyes with beauty.

Perhaps all the colors will burst forth at the same time.  We’ve had a soggy spring, summer, and fall.  Cold nights and sunny days are said to be the perfect combination for inspiring the colors to come forward.

Like many others, I’m watching daily in hopes that falls delay will not mean that it is also colorless.