Author, Writer

I’ve been dreaming of writing since I was a008_8 child and had my first story appear in the Chicago Heights Star as a third grader at Garfield Elementary.   My mother was an avid reader and seeing how proud she was to see my own little story in printed form captured me at that early age.

I did the typical thing that young writers do and that is simply writing to entertain myself.  In grade school my best friend, Diane, and I wrote a play and were allowed to perform it for the student body.  By junior high, we were ambitious enough to write a movie script and submit it to Walt Disney.  Of course we never heard anything back, but it didn’t stop us from dreaming.

Since then I have written in many forms for educational journals, magazines, and have been a weekly columnist for the local newspaper for about 20 years.  The publications my students and I did in which we gathered local stories, history, photographs, and folklore are among my most rewarding writing efforts.  We published a total of 11 student based books during my teaching career in keeping with the Foxfire approach to education.

I have other books published, but am still searching for the right niche where I feel like what I write will touch people’s lives in a positive way and help them discover or strengthen their faith in God.

Writing and photography are both open doors in my life and I believe these two things are part of the person God created in me.